Country Entertainment

I have strong memories of my childhood in the country enjoying appetisers at the many outdoor BBQ’s my parents and friends had. It was all about bringing a plate to share, having a casual outdoor dinner party with the whole family and of course eating too much.

The concept of portable food goes all the way back to Italy and France. Italians love bringing plates of food to share on the terrace with their family, while when in France you must carry one of the most amazing baguettes ever to have with the most delicious cheese that you find at a gorgeous little deli hidden away. This is where us Aussie draw our casual laid-back approach to entertaining. This was one of my favourite things growing up, Mum and Dad inviting our family friends over for a backyard feast. Many people cringe at the idea of bring your own plate but there is nothing better then getting to try and experience what others bring, though after a few gathering with the same people you end up with the same nibbles every time followed by a classic BBQ. But don’t stress here are many easy and quick ideas that not only taste amazing but look delicious as well. If you are the host you can easily dress up your table with some fresh flowers, green garnishes, beautiful wooden boards, stunning silverware and a nice tablecloth. And there you have it a low-key, stunning outdoor party. 

Kate xx

Styling and Photography by Kate Griffiths